Route 11 Soucy Hill Truckers Lane

Route 11 Soucy Hill is a 5.66 mile stretch of road located in Northern Maine.  This section of road was the last section of Route 11 to be improved.  This full reconstruction project began November of 2016.  Over 150,000 cubic yards of aggregate needed for this job came from our quarry located right on site.  “Soucy Hill” is a 1.3-mile climb that is recognized as the longest continuous climb on any of Maine’s public highways.  The project added a 1.5-mile truck lane on this hill.  Throughout the project, the road was widened and many sections straightened out.  There was a significant improvement to the drainage as well.  Atop Soucy Hill a scenic overlook was added to observe the surrounding mountains and Portage Lake.  This project was completed November of 2018.